Monthly Fun Skate:

Met the girls and talk DERBY!
Rollerway Skate Centre
6-8 Lambert Avenue, Newtown

Next date: TBA

A Roller Derby Bout consists of two 30 minute periods, which is further broken up into 2 minute jams (which may be called off before the 2 minutes is complete by the lead jammer).

Each team fields a Jammer (Star on their helmet), Pivot (Stripe on their helmet) and three blockers at any given time. The pivots and blockers must stay within 20ft of the pack at all times to be considered in play.

The aim of the game is for Blockers to assist their own team’s Jammer to score points, while at the same time preventing the opposing team’s Jammer from scoring – this means that often each team is actively playing offence and defence or switching between them quickly, this can be done with positional blocking or physically blocking either the opposing jammer or blockers.

The first jammer to make a clean and legal pass through the pack is Lead Jammer and has the opportunity to call off the Jam before the 2 minutes is up. Both Jammers are required to sprint and manoeuvre through the pack to score points. A point is scored by passing a skater from the opposite team’s hips legally.

Roller Derby bouts have no such thing as a tie, if in the final jam the scores are tied; there will be an overtime jam which will last for two minutes. 

The referees have the final say in all decision and ensure the safety of the bout for all of the skaters involved. They send skaters to sit a minute in the Penalty box for a major penalty and relay all penalties to the Non Skating officials who keep track of everything. If a skater is seated in the penalty box, that team will skate short for the duration of the penalty.

For the official rules go to the WFTDA website at