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Bloody Marys The Psychotics Atom Bombs Maulrats Zebras
18 March 2012
Atom Bombs vs Psychotics 119 - 120
5 November 2011
GRDL Bloody Marys vs CRDL Vice City Rollers 54 - 152
29 October 2011
VRDL Dolls Au-Go-Go vs GRDL Bloody Marys 173 - 68
24 September 2011
GRDL Bloody Marys vs BRDL Rat Pack 208 - 81
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Skater Profile

Ellen B Rage 93

Joined in 2011

Ellen B Rage

Favourite Position:
I'm a bit of a

  • Trying new things at skate parks/on skates

  • Injuries

  • A few bruises and rink rash. Nothing major

Don't think about it, just do it!


Ellen B Rage is the youngest member of the Geelong Roller Derby League, and is now a proud new member of the Atom Bombs. Being a part of the Atom Bombs means that Rage can now skate alongside her long time role model and hero, Ace of Hearts Rage's favourite position to play on the track is the Jammer because she enjoys living life in the fast lane, and being able to score all the points for her team. Rage has an amazing amount of confidence on her skates. You will often see her jumping around effortlessly and using her signature move of side surfing to sneak through the pack like a silent ninja.

What do you love about Roller Derby?
Parties! Travelling and meeting other derby peeps from all over the country. Trying new things and new ways to do things on skates.

What's your passion outside of roller derby?
Being creative, when i get some spare time i like to paint and draw.

What do you do for work?
I work with Ace.

Do you have Kids, Pets or both?
Pets  I have a little old lady jackrussle, a crazy young black lab, a young cuddly kitty cat and 3 fishies (if the cat hasn't got to them)

Anything else interesting we need to know about you?
Started derby when I was 16, skated my first home bout when I was 17, played my first Bloody Mary's bout at TGSS (Australian tournament in rAdelaide) when i was 18 and took on Excom roll Coach Coordinator when I turned 19...

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Ellen B Rage Ellen B Rage
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