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Bloody Marys The Psychotics Atom Bombs Maulrats Zebras
18 March 2012
Atom Bombs vs Psychotics 119 - 120
5 November 2011
GRDL Bloody Marys vs CRDL Vice City Rollers 54 - 152
29 October 2011
VRDL Dolls Au-Go-Go vs GRDL Bloody Marys 173 - 68
24 September 2011
GRDL Bloody Marys vs BRDL Rat Pack 208 - 81
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Skater Profile

Rhythm N' Bruise 44 - RETIRED

Joined in 2011

Rhythm N' Bruise

Favourite Position:

  • Drums, metal, rock, punk, prog

  • Hardcore, tribal tattoos, fake tan, people

  • Knees

Gonna make some noise before I rot, 'cause Rock N' Roll is all I've got!


Already moving to the beat of her own drum, Rhythm N' Bruise stumbled into Geelong Roller Derby in 2010 fresh from band practice. Joining the derby family as one of the youngest skaters in the league, Bruise has been living up to her name again and again, with a hit that feels like a double kick pedal to the hip. One has to wonder if Rhythm N' Bruise followed in the footsteps of the father of Blues, Robert Johnston; went to the crossroads looking for a deal, and ended up with more than she bargained for when she walked away with not only with a pair of drumsticks, but also a pair of quad skates.

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Rhythm N' Bruise Rhythm N' Bruise
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