Behind each amazing bout there is a team of great officials. Not just the Zebra clad Referees, but the Non Skating Officials who donate their time to ensure the bout goes ahead. 
If the Ref's main concern is safety, the NSO's are the ones responsible for some very important, but less glamorous roles than being a bouting skater that need to exist to ensure the smooth running of a bout. 
Without this team, there would be no bouts for you to enjoy.

Every league needs a travel team and there aren't many as fierce as GRDL's very own Bloody Marys. 
Redrafted each year, the Bloody Marys have taken each bout they've skated in their stride.
These skaters have booty blocked and hip checked their way into hearts all over Victoria and beyond!

The Virgin Marys are GRDL's second travel team.  A little more innocent and not yet bloodied up on track they can still form a mean wall and burst through the pack when the jam whistle blows


The Hairy Marys debut bout against a collective of leagues forming the White Knights took place on June 29 2014.  The intense battle saw GRDL's mixed gender team play it's first interleague bout and take out the win.