Geelong Roller Derby League About Us

Geelong Roller Derby League was established in March 2008. When we say established, we refer to a handful of skaters learning and running drills obtained from YouTube. There was assistance from skaters from other leagues, including Margy Bargy of the London Rock and Rollers.

After seven months two aptly named teams, the Frankenskaters and the Bloody Marys would present their first bout to family and friends on Halloween. (This being the origin of the GRDL travel team which remains to this day, the Bloody Marys).

Further assistance to build on knowledge and skill level was sought from the Victorian Roller Derby League, in particular Betty Bamalam and Harry Spot'er. After months of blood, sweat and tears, GRDL's first public bout hosted on the 6th December 2008, which saw the Death Leopards take on the Black Sadists.

Geelong Roller Derby has now been well established for a decade and has become a place of sporting fun, challenging yourself, sweat, tears and friendship.


All GRDL members are passionate and dedicated to the sport, played in accordance with the internationally recognised Women's Flat Track Derby Association's rules and guidelines.

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Barwon Valley Activity Centre, Barwon Heads, Belmont, Vic

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