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What Is Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a contact sport played on quad or roller skates on an oval shaped track. Each team of five is made up of one jammer and four blockers. The jammers score points by passing opposing skaters and the blockers try to hinder them while helping their own jammer.

Roller Derby is pretty rough isn’t it?

Roller Derby is a contact sport, and as with any contact sport there is a bit of push and shove.  All players must wear protective gear – helmets, padding and mouth guards – and there are strict rules to minimise injury and aggressive game play. Roller Derby has fewer injuries than other contact sports like football.  It’s come a long way since the 70’s!

Who can play Roller Derby?

Roller Derby can be played by anyone!  Geelong (and any other) Roller Derby League accepts anyone of any sex, orientation, age, size and fitness level.  You don’t even need to know how to skate, we’ll teach you!  Geelong Roller Derby League has a Senior team for ages 18+ and we have a Junior team for ages 6-17.  Our oldest skaters are in their forties and going strong.

Why play Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a fun and exciting game. It builds your confidence, strength and fitness.  The Roller Derby community is all inclusive- everybody is welcome. Your teammates will become your loudest supporters and your biggest family.  

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